|Clamp for telecommunication cables M FISH

Clamp for telecommunication cables M FISH

Tip: M Fish
Materijal: Poliamid

Self-adjustable clamp for telecommunication cables M FISH is designed to anchor or support flat and round drop cables. Selfadjusting of the clamp is done by the wheel on the clamp’s body without using additional tools. It can be used for anchoring, turning and suspension of drop cable routes. It is made of UV stable material resistant to ageing. The clamp does not contain parts that can fall off.
Very important feature of M Fish clamp is its self-adjustable performance suitable for FTTx technology anywhere around the world. The lineman doing installation doesn’t have to worry about the drop cable direction. It is mostly used with fiber optic cables. It is applicable to Ø 3.0mm, 2×3.1mm, 3.3×2.0mm and 5.0×2.0mm cables. It is necessary for FTTx solutions.


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