|Coax6 CT 17 A 75 Ω

Coax6 CT 17 A 75 Ω


Coaxial CATV cable, applied as trunk line between main station and house connections. Suitable for direct laying in ground or for fixed installation in cable tubes and canals. Foamed polyethylene of low dielectric constant enables low attenuation, low signal distortion and exceptionally high-speed signal diffusion. Polyethylene sheath provides resistance against external impacts.


EN 50117-2


Concentric conductors, insulation (dielectric) and sheath. Cable retains its function if inner and external conductor are at exact constant distance, without any cable bending.
Inner conductor: copper, solid, of diameter 1,7 mm
Insulation (dielectric): foamed polyethylene, of external diameter 6,9 mm
External conductor:
1. layer: Cu-PET-Cu foil
2. layer: braid of copper wires, 60% optical covering, of external diameter 7,9 mm
Sheath: PE, external diameter 10,5 ± 0,3 mm
sheath colour: white or black

Technical data

Temperature range:
during installation: -5 °C up to +60 °C
operating temp.: -40 °C up to +70 °C
Min. inner bending radius:
without load: 7,5D (75 mm)
under load: 15D (150 mm)
Maximal tensile strength: 300 N
Cable weight: 102 kg/km
Copper weight: 56 kg/km

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