Power and signal flexible cable 0,6/1 kV, insulated with rigid EPM- rubber, PVC sheathed, with reduced release of corrosive gases.


Distribution and signal power cable for static application indoor and outdoor, in ground, in water, within facilities, in cable canals, in conditions where the cable is not exposed either to systematic mechanical stress or heavier tensile strain. Used in industrial plants or household installations, where heavier current and thermal loads are expected (operating temperature of conductor up to 90 °C), in conditions requiring higher flexibility and better resistance to combustion. Cable is under scope of EN 50575:2014+EN 50575/A1:2016 standard and Compliant with the requirements of European Construction Product Regulation (CPR EU 305/11). CPR class is Cca-s3,d1,a3.


IEC 60502-1
CEI UNEL 35318-35322-35016
EN 50575:2014+EN 50575/A1:2016
CPR: Cca-s3,d1,a3


Conductor: fine wired copper conductor, class 5, acc. to CEI EN 60228
Insulation: rigid EPM rubber (= HEPR, hard ethylene-propylene-rubber), quality G16, concentrically stranded cores, colour marked acc. to HRN HD 308 S2 / VDE 0293-308, with or without protective yellow-green conductor
Filler: thermoplastic compound, fire-resistant with reduced release of corrosive gases, not water-absorbing
Sheath: anti-abrasive PVC compound, type 16, fire-resistant with reduced release of corrosive gases, and with reduced water permeability
sheath colour: light grey (RAL 7035).

Core colour marking: HRN HD 308 S2 / CEI UNEL 00722


Technical data
Temperature range:

min. cable temp. at bending: 0 °C
fixed installed: -25 °C up to +70 °C
max. operating temp.: 90 °C
at short circuit of max. 5 s: up to 160 °C
Nominal voltage: Uο/U = 0,6/1 kV
Test voltage: 4 kV
Maximal tensile strength: 15 N/mm²
Behaviour in fire:
Flame retardant: prema CEI 20-35
CPR class: Cca-s3,d1,a3
Minimal inner bending radius:
power: 4D
signal: 6D

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