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Forged copper cable lugs (longitudinally waterproof)

Tip: CuKP
Materijal: Ed Cu EN 13600
Standard: SRPS N.F4.101 | DIN 46235

Forged Copper Cable Lugs are used for termination of copper electrical conductors made according to DIN 48201. Jointing is done using crimping method and fulfills requirements of Standard SRPS N.F4.101. Surface protection is done using the process of Zinc plating. On Customer’s request protection is done using Nickel plating or Tin plating. The body of the Lug is made in accordance with Standard DIN 46235. The Lugs are marked in order to ensure correct crimping. The picture shows correct crimping. The Lugs have oil barrier. The achieved joint is not meant for mechanical tightenings.

FORGED COPPER CABLE LUGS (longitudinally waterproof)