|Insulated AlCu joint MJPB (for network connection)

Insulated AlCu joint MJPB (for network connection)

Standard: SRPS N. F4. 101 | NF C 33 021 | EN 50483-4

Insulated Joint MJPB is used for network connection conductors or street lighting conductors from 4 to 35mm2. Crimping is done over the insulation according to engraved marks on the Joint MJPB with crimping insert E 140. After crimping process the Joint effectuates electrical contact and waterproofness by elastomer rings. Mechanical strength of the joint is 50% of breaking force of the conductor. Waterproofness is tested in the water under voltage of 6 kV for a period of 30 minutes. Elastomer ring is made in different colors so that cross sections can be recognized more easily. The inside of the Joint is filled with electrical contact grease.

INSULATED AL CU JOINT MJPB (for network connection)