Power cable 0,6/1 kV, PVC insulated and sheathed, with Al conductors and concentric protective corrugated Cu conductor


Distribution power cable for static outdoor application (with protection against direct UV-irradiation), in ground, in water, within facilities, in cable canals, in concrete, in conditions where there is a danger of possible mechanical damages, but where the cable is not exposed either to systematic mechanical stress or heavier tensile strain. Used in electric power plants, transformer stations, industrial plants, metropolitan networks and other electric plants. Concentric conductor can be used as neutral, protective or earth connection, and in situations where the insulation might be roughly damaged by some metal object, it acts as protection against contact voltage. Corrugated, concentric conductor construction enables establishing of several cable connections without cutting of conductor.


HRN HD 603 S1
IEC 60502-1
DIN VDE 0276 part 603


Conductor:     Al, class 1 or 2 acc. to HRN HD 383 / IEC 60228 / DIN VDE 0295
class 1:     solid, round (RE)
class 2:     multi wire stranded, round (RM) or sector (SM)
Insulation:     PVC compound DIV-4 acc. to HRN HD 603.1, concentrically stranded cores, colour marked acc. to HRN HD 308 S2 / VDE 0293-308, without protective yellow-green conductor
Concentric conductor:     in inner layer round copper wires, in external layer copper tape wrapped in counter-helix
Filler:     extruded elastomer or plastomer compound or wrapped thermoplastic tapes
Sheath:     PVC compound DMV-5 acc. to HRN HD 603.1
sheath colour:     black


Technical data

Temperature range:
during installation: -5 °C up to +50 °C
fixed installed: -30 °C up to +70 °C
at short circuit of max. 5 s: up to 160 °C
Nominal voltage: Uο/U = 0,6/1 kV
Test voltage: 4 kV
Max. operating voltage in three-phase systems: 1,2 kV
Maximal tensile strength: 30 N/mm²
Behaviour in fire: IEC 60332-1
Minimal inner bending radius:
single core: 15D
multi core: 12D


Core colour marking: HRN HD 308 S2 / VDE 0293-308

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