|RG 59 B/U 75 Ω

RG 59 B/U 75 Ω


Coaxial cables are applied for broadband transmission of radio, TV, video and data signals. Applicable up to GHz-a level, with low attenuation and low signal distortion. RG59 coaxial cable is applied for inst. for video-signal, but not at larger distances. Foamed polyethylene of low dielectric constant enables high-speed signal diffusion, and good flexibility at installation. Permitted only indoor application, exceptionally also outdoor, under protection against sunlight.




Concentric conductors, insulation (dielectric) and sheath. Cable retains its function if inner and external conductor are at exact constant distance, without any cable bending.
Inner conductor: copper-clad steel wire, bimetal, diameter 0,59 ± 0,01 mm (20 AWG)
Insulation (dielectric): PE, external diameter 3,70 ± 0,05 mm
External conductor: braid of bare copper wires 0,16 mm, 95% optical overlap
Sheath: PVC, external diameter 6,15 ± 0,10 mm
sheath colour: black

Technical data

Temperature range:
during installation: -15 °C up to +55 °C
operating temp.: -40 °C up to +85 °C
Min. inner bending radius:
without load: 5D (31 mm)
under load: 10D (62 mm)
Behaviour in fire: IEC 60332-1
Maximal tensile strength: 145 N
Cable weight: 53,6 kg/km
Copper weight: 24,7 kg/km

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