|Universal Terminal Class A 1-pole 16-95mm2 grey/blue/yellow-green

Universal Terminal Class A 1-pole 16-95mm2 grey/blue/yellow-green

Catalog number of series (Cat.No. of series): 500100
Type: MSKA
Material: flame retardant polyamide UL 94 V-0
Standard: EN 61238-1 , SRPS N.F 106, EN 60947-1-7

Marel Universal Terminal Class A 16-95mm2 is intended for connection of aluminum or copper conductors, both solid and stranded – round or sector and of cross section from 16 mm2 up to 95 mm2. They find application in a wide range of power distribution facilities, industrial and infrastructural facilities.

IZOLOVANA VODONEPROPUSNA STEZALJKA 2,5-35/16-95mm2 sa istovremenim probijanjem izolacije CBS/CT 95; CBSp/CNT 95

Note: On Customer’s request we can deliver MSKA connectors that can be installed without a rail, with two or more screws by which the connector is fastened directly onto the flat surface in the distribution cabinet.

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