“Enpi” – is an experienced company specialized in trading a wide range of power systems and solutions including End to End Renewable projects.

We are focused in Albania, with a very strong market presence covering several segments. Our core business consists of trade, import and export of electric material, catering foreign markets in the Balkan Region as well. Enpi is well known in offering products that adhere to high quality standards, at very competitive prices, with the same dedication and consistency for 20 years.

Our philosophy underlies in offering the client high value products, for long term durability through a very prompt service. This philosophy has helped us grow a sustainable business and build long term relationships with our business partners. Enpi is officially representing in Albania several well-known manufacturers offering a wide range of production alternatives for transmission and distribution lines. The company vision is to maintain its position as trustworthy business partner, and further expand its activity beyond the Balkan Area.Power System includes the business area related to transformers, switchgears, power cables, circuit breakers, vacuum interrupters, network protection & control gear, T&D as well as substation projects and solutions including complete end to end Renewable projects. Enpi collaborates with well known manufactories the world.

ENPI is on the list of 1.7% of the most successful and run businesses in Albania

Conductors OPGW, AAC, ACSR and Cu
Power cables up to 35-110kV
Cable accessories up to 110 kV
Galvanized steel structures up to 400 kV
Insulators and fitting accessories for substations and lines up to 400 kV
UPS, Generators, Transformers, Switch Gear, Metal Clad, Panels, Disconnectors, Fuses, Circuit breakers, Relays, etc.
All the products that we offer are CE certified and are accompanied with all the quality tests needed.



Albania is a dynamic country, in South- West Balkans with appealing investment and developments in the energy and construction sector. There is a lack in infrastructure in the energy sector. It is a cluttered, price sensitive market. Even due to its relatively small area, Balkan culture and political, socio and economic past, connections and overall good public relations play a significant role to business success and longevity.

The lacking energy infrastructure is at the focus of the current government projects, which aim to develop a modern energy network with all needed infrastructure throughout Albania