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Aluminum cable joints for joints with mechanical load

Tip: AlK
Materijal: DIN 1747
Standard: SRPS N.F4.101 | DIN 48085/2

Aluminum Cable Joints are used to joint aluminum conductors of the same cross section made according to Standards DIN 48201/1 and DIN EN 50182. Their technical characteristics enable easy installation and formation of joints in accordance with Standard SRPS N.F4.101. The inside of the Joint is protected with electrical contact grease. The Joints are marked in order to ensure correct crimping. The picture shows correct crimping. The dimensions of the Joints are according to Standard DIN 48085/2. The joint created by using Aluminum Cable Lug can bear mechanical load which is 20% higher than the breaking point of the jointed conductors.

ALUMINUM CABLE JOINTS for joints with mechanical load