Insulated conductor for internal wiring of electrical devices and lighting fixtures, i.e. as bridge junction. Laying in dry areas, in switchboards and distribution boards. In electrical-installation canal which can be opened, only for signaling and control circuits. Not for direct application under plaster.



HRN HD 21.3 S3
IEC 60227-3
DIN VDE 0281 part 3
Datasheet H05V-U 117.09 Kb



Conductor: bare copper conductor of class 1 (solid) acc, to IEC 60228 / HD 383 / DIN VDE 0295
Insulation: PVC compound TI1 acc. to IEC 60227-3 / HD 21.3 S3 / DIN VDE 00281 part 3

Conductor color identification: acc. to IEC 60446 i.e. EN 60446 (corresponding to DIN VDE 0293)
possible insulation colors: black, green-yellow, blue


Technical data

Temperature range
during installation: +5 °C up to+70 °C
fixed installed: -30 °C up to+70 °C
at short circuit of max. 5 s: up to 160 °C
ambient temperature at storage: up to 40 °C
Nominal voltage: Uο/U = 300/500 V
Test voltage: 2000 V
Minimal inner bending radius: 4D
Behavior in fire: IEC 60332-1

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