Parallel AlAl groove clamp H-form

Tip: MAl
Materijal: EN AW 6060
Standard: DIN 48 072

They are used to joint two parallel noninsulated aluminum conductors of the same or different cross sections. The conductors can be made of aluminum alloy (AAAC), aluminum conductors steel reinforced (ACSR) or ends of ABC from which the insulation has been removed. Their technical characteristics enable easy formation of joints in accordance with Standard DIN 48 072. They are made using extrusion process and the inside grooves are cogged, which increases safety regarding pulling out and provides high-quality electrical contact (the grooves are made in such a way that aluminum oxide from the conductor surface is broken, which reduces transitional resistance between the clamp and the conductor). The body of the clamp is made of aluminum alloy of high tensile strength and is corrosion resistant. Its technical characteristics provide fast, easy and reliable installation and there are no parts that can fall off.
NOTE: On Customer’s request the clamps can be delivered with hot-dip galvanized or stainless steel X 5 CrNi 18-10 bolt parts.